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Thread: i haven't been able to colect my feeds.

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    i haven't been able to colect my feeds.

    i have been away for a little time. when i came back, i found that when i attempt to collect the feeds of my gang. it doesn't give them to me any more. it only shows the share button. not the get it button. and when i hit the share button. i don't collect the feeds. has that option faded to the ways of the cowboy. weak bullets and a short barrel?

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    this was cut from a friends post so i could see it for myself.
    Snuff Smith
    January 4 - January 5 via Dead or Alive
    I need some items...
    Snuff is looking for these items in Dead or Alive: Cow Fur Hat, Cattleman Hat, Bronze Horseshoe. Can you help them out?
    Like ยท Comment

    see i can't help. i get no help. i can't collect feeds. i don't get to have my feeds collected. what's up with that.

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    I apologize for taking so long with getting back to you.

    The button you are mentioning has been eliminated by Facebook. Collecting or helping through the Facebook news feed can still be done by simply clicking on the title of the respective story.

    I hope this helps. Please don't hesitate to contact us again.
    Have a suggestion, problem or just want to get in touch? Contact us at " support [at] "
    For bug reporting, please provide a detailed description of the problem and, if possible/applicable, a screen-shot.

    Need to contact me directly? Send me a private message.

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