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Thread: Can't collect my gifts

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    Yesterday I could collect nearly all gifts, today the problem is back. Got only the first 25. I did what you told me, collected 25 items one at a time, and after I got the first 25 I refreshed the game, but the requester didn't came up. I lost again more than 400 gifts since yesterday.
    I have no idea, why I could collect without any problems yesterday and today the problem again.
    I'll try to collect the next days the way you told me.

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    On 12-20-2013, everything seemed ok, could collect all my gifts again. Have collected a few hundred. The next day the problem returned.
    I have followed your suggestion but does not help. I can only collect the last received 25 gifts, and what I receive while I collect.

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    I do it since 20. Dez dosen't help, the same problem always.
    Today I tried to collect my 25 gifts, I got the fist, but no response from the second. After waiting some minutes I had to reload the site, it came up with 2 gifts only, again 21 gifts are lost. It makes no fun or sense to play this way.

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    Hi Patric,
    Sorry for taking so long with a reply.

    We are still looking into this and we ask you to please keep us updated if you notice any changes. This might be caused by some setting in your Facebook account, so please notify us if you remember making any major changes in your Facebook settings.

    We apologize for not being able to assist any further for now, but we will continue to monitor the issue for any new solutions. Thank you and please keep us updated.
    Have a suggestion, problem or just want to get in touch? Contact us at " support [at] "
    For bug reporting, please provide a detailed description of the problem and, if possible/applicable, a screen-shot.

    Need to contact me directly? Send me a private message.

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    Quote Originally Posted by admin View Post
    Hi Patric,

    Please try for a couple of days to ignore the Accept All/Reload Requests options, but only to accept gifts one at a time (not necessarily when they arrive). If you finish a 25 gifts batch, instead of pressing Reload Requests, refresh the game / page and see if new requests are fetched. Please let us know the results of this scenario, as we haven't yet found the problem is no other players are affected by this.

    Thank you
    Not everyone posting here about the same problem, which i also have.

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    Since today all is working without any changes, wondering how long it will work.

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    And the Problem is back again !

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    [QUOTE=Patric Hofmann;625]When I click my Requests DoA tells me: You have no Requests, but in my App-Center there are 100 or more. sometimes when I click on my requests DoA shows me 25 or only one to collect but I have 100.....

    I have exactly the some problem since yesterday !

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    I have still the problem. No idea what's going on.

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    Thank you for your updates on this issue. We have just applied a patch to the gifting system that may fix your problem. Please let us know if your issue is not fixed and we will try to find other solutions. We are also working on new optimizations for the gifting system that should fix other known glitches and increase the overall speed. We apologize for the long period that this issue has affected your account.

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