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Thread: Can't collect my gifts

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    Angry Can't collect my gifts

    When I click my Requests DoA tells me: You have no Requests, but in my App-Center there are 100 or more. sometimes when I click on my requests DoA shows me 25 or only one to collect but I have 100.....

    Now I got (-22) Message after collecting 3...... look at screenshot 3 !
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    Thx for no reply !

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    Hi Patric,

    We are sorry for the delay in answering your message,
    On December 7 we have pushed a new update that has fixed the problem with the negative numbers showing in your requests. When you press on "My requests", we are fetching the requests from Facebook's servers - in the event that the game tells you there are no requests, it means that Facebook didn't serve us any requests, even though in your App Center it show another number. There may be many reasons for this, some of them may be related to Facebook's cache, but the numbers or requests should synchronize eventually.

    Please let us know if you have any other issues or questions and again our apologies for a delayed response.

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    I have request 21h old i didn't collect yet, because it's impossible. DoA always come up with the request there are no requests. No idea what I can do. I send 500 gifts a day sure, and can collect a maximum of 25 gifts. After collection the first 25 I always get, there are no requests. If I understand you right this is a FB bug again ? They produce a lot bugs the past time......
    I ignored 800 requests now and will see what's up tomorrow.....
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    After ignoring all gifts yesterday, I got a lot new gifts, but can't collect them. Got only the first 25 that's it.
    Have this problem since 06. December. Never such problems earlier!
    It dosen't matter wich Browser or Computer I use to play, I can't collect my gifts, only right after I received it.
    Meanwhile I have deleted or ignored all requests on FB, deleted all cookies, browser cache but dosen't help. I have no problem if I use a friends account to play on my computer.
    Any idea ? I have none now.......
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    Again, DoA/FB told me I have 68 requests but can collect only the newest 25...... this shit started at 6th or 7th December......
    Has nothing to do with my Computer or Browser , must be a DoA or FB Account problem because all is ok if I use a friends account.

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    Hi Patric,

    We will investigate your account in order to see if there's any specific errors,
    Please allow us a couple of days for this. Let us know if anything changes and you are able to collect more than 25 gifts / day.

    Thank you

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    Ok ! THX

    But it's a little bit different !
    when I start to play first time the day, I can collect 25 gifts, and when I click reload requests I get the message: "You have no request"
    It dosen't matter how many gifts I have to collect. When I receive gifts while I'm online I can collect them, but only this ones. I waited until I got 7-10 and no problem to collect them. So I can not claim only 25 / day. Didn't try yet what will happen if I wait until I received more then 25 while I'm online. I'll try that !

    Again: I can collect only the last 25 received gifts and the ones coming while I'm playing !

    Since I'm from Germany it's a problem, because most gang members are from the U.S. and I get my gifts while I'm sleeping or busy.

    Hope this will help you and I explained it well !
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    Hi again, it's like I thought !
    I can receive 25 gifts only. If I wait with collecting until the arrival of the 26th, obviously expires the first of the 25 gifts I already got, etc.........
    It looks like I have to collect always after the counter reached 25, or the others expire.
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    Hi Patric,

    Please try for a couple of days to ignore the Accept All/Reload Requests options, but only to accept gifts one at a time (not necessarily when they arrive). If you finish a 25 gifts batch, instead of pressing Reload Requests, refresh the game / page and see if new requests are fetched. Please let us know the results of this scenario, as we haven't yet found the problem is no other players are affected by this.

    Thank you

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