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Thread: Multiple accounts and foul language being used

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    Multiple accounts and foul language being used

    I thought people with multiple accounts were going to have them closed a long time ago but I know several people have anywhere from 3-7 accounts and that is not fair to other players like me who only have one especially when it comes to bounties . Also something needs to be done about people putting rude, or foul language on other people's comment wall this is really getting out of hand several people have posted in groups about " bad" comments and this definetly needs to stop this game is suppose to be just that a game and not stressful
    Thank You

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    Hi Susan,
    The game has several systems in place to try and prevent certain types of abuse, especially regarding multiple accounts. The Bounty board additional delay for the players initiating a bounty (and any other attempts related to their IP) is one of those.

    About the need to report a player, we are working on interface elements that will make it easier to report someone if necessary. In the meantime, please contact us at support [at] if you consider that someone needs to be reported.

    Thank you.
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    I agree with Susan in the bounties. There are four or five player that one matter what they get the bounties, their gone the split second they come up, most the time you don't even get in one shot before these other four or five get them, no wonder the bounty fights are so unbalanced. So I say if having more accounts which I've found don't do a lick of good getting any kind of jump on these other player help one bit would help then more power to them

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