Greetings everyone,

The Dead or Alive Character expansion is getting ever closer and we are ready to announce a few important features:

- all players will have their own avatar based on the class picked when they started the game;
- missions will expand thanks to a completely new map and large number of objectives;
- a new trading system will allow you to exchange obtainable items for character equipment (a whole new range of items and equipment will be available to allow you the freedom of customization);
- the Duel mechanic will be replaced with fights between player avatars;
- last but not least, we are confident you will enjoy the work our artists have invested in the new mission maps.

A release date is not yet decided, but this only gives us enough time to receive feedback from you, our community, and polish the expansion as much as possible.

This thread is open to everyone for discussion, so don't hesitate to leave us your impressions and feedback.