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Thread: Bounty list idea

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    Bounty list idea

    Everyone knows I hate the clique relationship that occurs on the bounty list, and has gone on for the last 3-4 years. Therefore to make things fair, make it that if you are on the bounty list, you have no access to the fight list or the ability to hit someone else on the bounty list. How is it fair to be allowed on the bounty list and be able to take others off of it? If you are on the bounty list, you are suppose to be on the run so-to-speak, not running after others to collect a bounty... At least in real life, thats not how it goes..

    When someone is on the bounty, they should be shut off from any kind of fighting.. If thats the road you want to take, being put on the bounty just for knowing someone, and nobody is allowed to take you off without being attacked by everyone else on the bounty, well, there should be a punishment for being listed.. because in real life, being placed on bounty is a punishment, not a reward.. just sayin

    now after a certain amount of time, the player should be able to be taken off of the list if not caught.. but if placed back on the list, his/her price is double.. to make it harder to keep posting them up just because..

    and to those who say what if nobody can take me off the list?

    to bad, thats the breaks.. if you are on the list, you should be cut off..

    so in conclusion, the bounty list is something that nobody should want to be on, so come up with a way to do so DOA.. That part of the game has to change, its just not an integral part, and needs changing for the better of all, not a few.
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