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  1. Game reset?
  2. gamefeed
  3. game wont load
  4. Bounty list
  5. Accepting gang request
  6. Gamefeed accepting error
  7. Duel screen problem
  8. Screen problem
  9. Gang request shows no one to invite
  10. Energy and stamina not regenerating whengame turned off
  11. fathers day thing wont go away
  12. The feed signature was not valid.
  13. There are only 0 x 'name item' left.
  14. Send Invites (gang recruit) doesn't work!
  15. Can't send gifts or invites.....
  16. why do I need so much health now?
  17. Can't collect my gifts
  18. My money is gone ?
  19. i haven't been able to colect my feeds.
  20. no response to messages or posts
  21. My page is being cut once again
  23. Can't post Boss fights
  24. weekly leader boards
  25. buying animal crate error
  26. Daily gold coins
  27. Recruiting section ... Send Invites Not Working Anymore
  28. If your game page is cut and can't be displayed completely