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Thread: Updates December 14

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    Updates December 14

    Hello everyone,

    December is here and we wish to assist you in finding the perfect gift for a Dead or Alive fan. Therefore, today we are rolling out a couple of updates:

    *) If you want to show everyone your love for Dead or Alive or make someone an awesome gift, you can now support us by purchasing posters, t-shirts and other accessories through our new Zazzle online store. Please note that all monetary transactions and shipping are processed by Zazzle. You can further customize the existing designs at your own wish.

    Start here:

    This Weekend only you can get 30% Off all Shirts and 15% Off Everything Else by using the code CHRISTMASALE at checkout.

    *) You can now gift another player a package of in-game Gold coins.
    Please remember the following:
    - to gift Gold coins, go to that player's profile and click on Send Gift
    - the player to which you wish to gift coins must be a member of your gang
    - coins can be gifted in packages of 25, 50 and 100 Gold coins
    - only coins that have been bought with real money can be gifted, and not those obtained in other ways
    - only coins that have been bought in the last 30 days can be gifted. This also applies retroactively, meaning that you can immediately start gifting Gold coins that have been purchased in the last 30 days before today
    - you can see a history of your received packs of Gold Coins at the bottom of Buffalo Bill section (it will only appear when you have at least 1 received pack)
    - there is no fee in gifting packs of Gold Coins
    - there is no limit to the number of gift packs you can send, at least for the moment

    *) Inside the Buffalo Bill in-game store, you will now find the option to redeem Facebook Gift Cards for DoA Gold Coins. You can buy Facebook Gift cards from all the major retailers in selected countries over the world. Find a store here:

    *) Not exactly related, but an update also rolling out today: The timer for consecutive heals has been revised and relaxed, thus, from now on the increase in seconds between two consecutive heals will be slower and the maximum wait time will be 90 seconds, instead of 120 seconds (you will reach the 90 seconds timer after the 8th consecutive heal). If you wait at least 10 minutes between two consecutive heals, the timer resets to the minimum 30 seconds. We hope this addresses some of your concerns and that it will speed up the game a little, while also ensuring protection against automated programs.

    We would like to wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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    Tried to gift coins to a player but gift button is not highlighted and yes person is in my gang and yes i have purchased coins in last thirty days with this purpose in mind...what gives

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