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Thread: Black Friday Sales

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    Black Friday Sales

    The Black Friday special sale is a great occasion to bring back some of the best Featured Items of the past.

    These are the main things to keep in mind about the sale:
    - 18 Featured Items have returned at greatly discounted prices
    - discounts range between 20 and 75% of the initial price the items had in the Marketplace (Buffalo Bill)
    - every item comes in a limited number, with a maximum of 50 units for each item
    - any player can buy a maximum of 5 units of any item, from the total 50
    - additional discounts are applied when 2, 3, 4, and 5 items are bought, just as with the current Marketplace policy; the discount for 4 and 5 items will be exactly 25% of the item's initial price
    - this is just the first event of this and we are considering future ones with heavily discounted items.

    Have a safe Black Friday!

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    This is awesome thank you for all you do to keep everything new in the game

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    Im sorry but i have to disagree coins are hard to come by unless you buy them and i for one cant afford to pull out a credit card for any game we all have millions of duel points and nothing to spend them on why not let you trade them for coins to buy items or even better use duel points for some of these new items .......times are tough and spending money on a game is not a choice alot of us can make .........just my opinion

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    I agree pamela we need a way to use the duel points whether its a trade for coins, skill points or for specialty items i personally have over 1b of them and with no new properties in sight to use them on and they just keep building from boss fights. Doa let us use them somehow please

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