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Thread: Gang Member Limit - Discussion

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    Your opinion DOES matter Ferdinand .
    But if you look at the top of the ranking, their are people playing the game for a very long time, working hard to get there, and I know that most of them hardly spend any cash.
    Greg is at the top for years, and he does not spend 1 $. So far, nobody was able to even come in his neighbourhood. He was at level 350 when I started (I remember well, I found it crasy at that time ), and still is 300 levels in front of me.

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    in my opinion all it does is get u in trouble ie fb jail also when u r many levels in front of a player its annoying that they can beat u in fights because of gang members it just dont sit right for me,im sorry but thats my opinion,because i for 1 am sick of getting in fb jail i gave up sending requests for gang members, & this also includes friends suggesting friends then i have sent request & still ended up in fb jail

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    Thanks Veerle, I just don't want to see many people leave because of this matter, DOA players are already just a few people.

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    The one problem you do have right now is the fact that in your attempts to protect lower levels from getting abused by higher levels with more gang, you fail... you treat the bounty list differently... I have one of the highest gang counts in the game, yet i cant defend myself with my gang due to the limits you set on the bounty. It needs to be the same on both sides, bounty and fight list. I have 4744 gang, i need to defend with 4744 gang, why does it have to be different?? If 500 gang just stayed at home in real life, Im sure they wouldnt live long to regret it.

    I just got blasted off the bounty by a member who has 500 less gang, if I could use my 500 extra, I might have survived him.

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    Jason, obviously (and this is my opinion only) but your gang arming and attack/defense points are not as good as the player with 500 less gang has therefore that is why you got beat, you need to look to improve those areas and then you will be able to hold your own against players who attack you whether they are lower or higher in gang. There are a lot of players low in gang that because of their inventory and attack and defense points can beat players who are tremendously higher in gang.

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    I've been playing since the game started. I have over 3000 gang & don't buy gang members. It has been been difficult to recruit with fb rules for sending friend requests. I have only been spanked twice by fb for sending requests & have given advice on how to avoid this however some people won't take that advice and cry when the are banned. I hear many complain about being banned & loosing accounts for this reason.

    If there was an in-game way to recruit I think that would help. I also see that those who have bought many gang members probably didn't know about all the groups that you can join to recruit, so they opted to buy members. Every person plays differently for different reasons. Some will spend $$ to buy skill points other spend $$ for gang and then there are those that just like to play without spending $$ and work hard to build their character. (That is where I fit in) I feel that if there was a cap put in place it should of been done in the beginning. I was surprised when I first reached 1000 and found there was no cap. Then when I got to 1500 I was really surprised. I have had to clean out my fb accnt several times as I would reach the fb limit of 5000 friends. This was a pain to do!!! It took away from being able to enjoy & play the game. I felt like I spent more time cleaning up friends in order to play.

    My chief complaint is that every time there is an update to the game, my recruit gang button does not work so I am not able to send gang invites from within the game. With the old method it was very time consuming and with the new method well it doesn't work for me, even after reporting it. So unless I am sent the game invite I can't grow my gang so I don't feel the need to send request for fb friends that play either. I do however accept them and my gang still grows slower but at least it grows.

    My opinion on a large gang is that it really does not have a big advantage unless you are able to equipt them all with the best stuff available and have a high attack/defense. Even then you don't use all your gang. Also with a big gang, means more fb friends which slows your feed which in turn means you miss out on a bunch of posts as they appear slower or you lose out to the loot grabbing apps out there. If you have opted to purchase gang, then you still miss out on loot as the bought ones can't post rewards. lol

    Anyhow, I feel it is too late to cap unless its a ridiculous amount of gang that is capped. I feel an in-game recruit would work best if it worked all the time & not go down with every update. I feel those that are buying gang would recruit & spend on their character. Then we would have the cry babies that would complain about the people spending $$$ on that. No one is ever happy. With that being said........~~~~Happy Trails~~~~~~~

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    I originally used the gang size to catch up with the other big levels, and always requested permission to attack someone to compare strengths etc etc. When i realized that gang size was the most efficient way to catch up to the top ten players i enhanced my account. i was shocked at the response, people who had been my friends suddenly trashed me, for doing what they do clear the bounty list and from that moment on suddenly i was jerk number one. I had for months played consistently and daily and yet people called me everything in the book, and the worse betrayal came from the person who i loved the most in the game and hence why i left.

    I do not know if gang size should be limited but i think some people take this game way to serious, and once you do enhance your account for ever will people hold that against you. So enhance at your own risk,

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