Howdy, outlaws!

Somewhere in the West, in the middle of nowhere...
the two sisters stayed at home that night, at the ranch, mom and dad were travelling to the city and are coming back only in the morning.
Jane left her little sister sleeping in their bedroom, at the first floor, while she wasn't sleepy at all.. She came down the stairs and started reading a novel, hoping that sleep will come soon.. an hour later, captivated by her book and still fresh, Jane realized that she'd left her sweater upstairs on her bed.. and it was getting chill.. With a dramatic sigh, she rose, and climbed the stairs slowly to her dorm room. The old boards creaked under her weary tread. She reached her room and turned the handle as softly as she could, pushing the door open just enough to slip inside, so that the hall lights wouldn't wake her sister. She could hear her breathing on the far side of the room.. a heavy sound, almost as if she had been running. She must have picked up a cold.. Jane crept along the wall until she reached her bed. Her fingers closed on the sweater. She picked it up softly and withdrew from the room as silently as she could.
Relieved to be out of the room, she hurried back downstairs, collapsed into an overstuffed chair and read until six o'clock in the morning.
Sleep decided to come. The first of the sun's rays were beaming through the windows as she slowly slid the door open, hoping not to awaken the little sister. Her nose was met by an earthy, metallic smell a second before her eyes registered the scene in her dorm room. Anna was spread-eagled on top of her bed against the far wall, her throat cut from ear to ear and her nightdress stained with blood. Scream after scream poured from her mouth, but she couldn't stop herself any more than she could cease wringing her hands. Suddenly, she looked toward the wall. Her eyes widened in shock at what she saw. Then she fainted..
On the wall above her bed, written in her sister's blood, were the words: "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?" Signed, The Undead Outlaw

Well folks, what do you say? Can you catch the Undead Outlaw by Halloween and make him pay for his crime? Anyway, please, be careful.. and don't turn on the lights!

Prepare yourself for a 3-stage confrontation against The Undead Outlaw and his army of doom. It is that special night of the year when all spirits roam the earth... Halloween is coming... Are you ready?

  • The first stage of the boss fight will begin on Sunday, October 29 at 12:00 EDT (16:00 UTC/GMT).
  • The second stage of this boss fight will begin on Sunday, October 29 at 15:00 EDT (19:00 UTC/GMT).
  • The third stage of this boss fight will begin on Sunday, October 29 at 18:00 EDT (22:00 UTC/GMT)

Rules of engagement

- Each stage will account for a third of the boss life (300,000,000).
- You don't need to participate in all stages in order to collect your rewards.
- Each stage will resume the leaderboard resulted from the previous stage.
- You will be able to collect your reward after the final stage has finished.
- Rewards will be gained depending on every player's Percentile Score. The Percentile Score is the percentage of scores lower than your own.
- The minimum damage required is 90,000. This score will grant you 10 reward items.
- Normal attacks will use 5 Stamina, Power Attacks will use 20 Stamina, Ultimate attack will use 80 Stamina.
- The higher your Percentile Score, the higher the number of reward items you will get. The highest Percentile Score will be rewarded 43 items.
- The top 20 scores will be rewarded additional rewards as follows:
1st place - 20 additional Legendary items
2nd place - 15 additional Legendary items
3rd place - 10 additional Legendary items
4-10th place - 5 additional Legendary items
11-20th place - 5 additional items

- Up to 12 additional items are awarded, depending on the amount of time left at the end of the battle.
- Damage inflicted to this boss will grant you double the pay in cash when compared to the last high-level bosses.
- There is no limit to how many players can engage in the event.
- You have a maximum of 96 hours to defeat him.
- The scoreboard will auto-refresh every 3 minutes.

We hope that you will enjoy this event, please let us know below if you have any issues, questions or suggestions.

Happy Halloween!